Margot Robbie Reportedly in Talks to Reprise Harley Quinn Role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Margot Robbie is reportedly in talks to reprise her role as Harley Quinn in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Justice League movie.

Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie Won’t Include Amazon/Atlantean War

With Ezra Miller’s Flash movie finally on its way after years of push backs and false dawns, comic book fans everywhere were thrilled at the announcement that the movie would take on one of Barry Allen’s most significant storylines, Flashpoint. In a world drastically changed by The Flash’s decision to go back in time andContinue reading “Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie Won’t Include Amazon/Atlantean War”

DCeased: Dead Planet #1 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor After what feels like forever, we finally got Tom Taylor’s newest DCeased tale, Dead Planet, today. Set five years after the events of the original tale, Dead Planet sees the Justice League – who fled to Earth-2 during the original DCeased – return to answer a distress signal coming from Cyborg. ThisContinue reading “DCeased: Dead Planet #1 Review”

Zack Snyder Reveals Which Robin DCEU Joker Killed and No, it’s Not Jason Todd

Zack Snyder has revealed which Robin was killed by the Joker in the DCEU and surprisingly it’s not Jason Todd. In Batman vs. Superman, we see a Robin costume which has been defaced by the Joker and it’s revealed that the Dark Knight’s sidekick was killed by the Clown Prince of Crime. While many –Continue reading “Zack Snyder Reveals Which Robin DCEU Joker Killed and No, it’s Not Jason Todd”

Zack Snyder Confirms One Huge Change He’ll Make From Whedon’s Justice League

After it was announced that Zack Snyder’s original version of the Justice League movie would be released in 2021, many fans eagerly began speculating on the differences we may see in the Snydercut compared to Joss Whedon’s movie. Snyder himself recently confirmed one huge change he would make was changing the crazy lighting that appearedContinue reading “Zack Snyder Confirms One Huge Change He’ll Make From Whedon’s Justice League”

Henry Cavill in Talks to Reprise Superman Role

Henry Cavill is currently negotiating a deal to reprise his role as DC Comics’ Superman within the DCEU. According to Deadline, Cavill is in talks with Warner Bros to return as Superman – despite there currently being no announced plans for a Man of Steel sequel. Cavill’s Superman has been one of the bright sparksContinue reading “Henry Cavill in Talks to Reprise Superman Role”

Ray Porter Confirms Darkseid Role in Upcoming Snydercut

One of the most exciting aspects of Zack Snyder’s Justice League heading to HBO Max in 2021 – righting a lot of the wrongs from the 2017 cinematic release – is the prospect of seeing Darkseid make his feature film debut. Long regarded as one of the DC’s biggest and most threatening villains, Darkseid hasContinue reading “Ray Porter Confirms Darkseid Role in Upcoming Snydercut”

Justice League: The Snyder Cut is Coming to HBO Max! It’s Official!

After many DC fans were disappointed with 2017’s Justice League and the way it stepped away from the story Zack Snyder had been telling in his previous two movies in the universe, many called for Snyder’s version of the movie to be released. It led to many online protests and a campaign that was supportedContinue reading “Justice League: The Snyder Cut is Coming to HBO Max! It’s Official!”

DCeased: The Unkillables #3 Review

Just over two months on from the previous issue, the finale of Tom Taylor’s DCeased: The Unkillables dropped today and oh my was it a satisfying conclusion. Taylor’s second venture into the DCeased universe has taken what made the first one so great and just made it even better. Great action, devastating deaths and characterContinue reading “DCeased: The Unkillables #3 Review”

DCeased: Dead Planet Given Release Date

If, like me, Tom Taylor’s DCeased has quickly become one of your favourite ongoing comic book series, you’ll be happy to know Taylor recently announced the next venture into the DCeased universe, Dead Planet, is heading our way very soon. Dead Planet is looking slightly different to the previous stories we’ve seen in the DCeasedContinue reading “DCeased: Dead Planet Given Release Date”