Aquaman and Wonder Woman set to face off I’m the upcoming Flash movie?

According to rumours circulating online, the upcoming Flash movie starring Ezra Miller, will feature a battle between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Now if you’ve read Flashpoint or watched the DC animated movie The Flashpoint Paradox, this won’t be entirely surprising to you as it’s been stated the upcoming Flash movie will be based on theContinue reading “Aquaman and Wonder Woman set to face off I’m the upcoming Flash movie?”

The Flash #88 Review

Writer: Joshua WilliamsonArtist: Howard PorterRating: 3.5/5 For the most part, I’ve enjoyed Joshua Williamson’s Flash run. Since 2016, I’ve found his book to be consistently enjoyable and always looked forward to it. That being said, I started to lose interest in the book recently and as much as I should have enjoyed the Rogues ReignContinue reading “The Flash #88 Review”

Wally West is the new Dr. Manhattan? This is weird.

One of the first things I wrote about when I started my website at the start of 2020 was how it seemed we were about to see a bounce back year for Wally West. It felt like after years of mistreatment and disrespect, DC we’re finally going to give us the Wally West we lovedContinue reading “Wally West is the new Dr. Manhattan? This is weird.”

Arrow Finale: My Review!

Too often we’re left disappointed with how our favourite shows close their curtain. For some reason, it seems tv shows tend to struggle to find a satisfying conclusion to their shows and often fall short of their die hard fans expectations. There may be some who say Arrow’s farewell was a disappointment, but for whatContinue reading “Arrow Finale: My Review!”

5 DC characters Smallville did well and 5 DC characters the Arrowverse did better.

Over the years the Arrowverse has grown into a powerhouse in terms of live action superhero universes. Having given us over 8 shows from beginning with Arrow to it’s upcoming Superman and Lois, the universe has been used to introduce us to an incredible amount of heroes. That being said, a lot of the creditContinue reading “5 DC characters Smallville did well and 5 DC characters the Arrowverse did better.”

5 DC stories I'd love to see adapted into animated movies!

Whilst Marvel has been light years ahead of DC when it comes to their live action cinematic outings over the last decade, there’s no denying that the former can’t hold a candle to the latter when it comes to animated movies. For over 2 decades now, DC have been converting many of their classic storyContinue reading “5 DC stories I'd love to see adapted into animated movies!”

Crisis on Infinite Earths Review!

No matter how many story arcs we see adapted in live action movies and tv shows, there’s a select few that are considered unfilmable. There’s too much going on that bringing these stories to life in live action form seem almost impossible. For the longest time DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths was top of thatContinue reading “Crisis on Infinite Earths Review!”

DC's 5G initiative… positive movement or unnecessary change?

So last year DC announced it’s upcoming 5G event. What will occur during a crisis level event, the plan is for all of DC’s main superheroes such as Superman, Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern to be aged up significantly and replaced with new, younger characters stepping into their roles. The changes are shaping upContinue reading “DC's 5G initiative… positive movement or unnecessary change?”

2020 The resurrection of Wally West!

Growing up one of my first encounters with superheroes was the Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited cartoons. I would watch those shows religiously and although Superman was my standout favourite superhero, a trend which has stuck with me through my entire life, The Flash was always a character I felt invested in. WallyContinue reading “2020 The resurrection of Wally West!”

Ranking my favourite versions of The Flash!

This month marks the 80th birthday of DC comics character, The Flash. Starting with Jay Garrick, we’ve seen numerous characters take the alias of The Flash over the years, giving us eight decades of great stories to read. As The Flash is one of my favourite comic book characters I thought I’d celebrate the 80thContinue reading “Ranking my favourite versions of The Flash!”