Titans Season 3 Set to Feature Red Hood

DC Universe show Titans is set to show Jason Todd’s transition into Red Hood in the upcoming third season of the show. Red Hood, who debuted back in 2005 when Todd came back from the dead after a couple of decades out of action, is a hugely popular character with fans and would be aContinue reading “Titans Season 3 Set to Feature Red Hood”

Titans’ Currant Walters Say He’s ‘Down’ for a Red Hood Spinoff

Titans star Currant Walters has admitted he would be down for a Jason Todd spinoff of the DC Universe show. Walters’ played Todd in a recurring role during the show’s first season, before being promoted to a series regular for the second and while the actor is currently unaware of when filming will begin forContinue reading “Titans’ Currant Walters Say He’s ‘Down’ for a Red Hood Spinoff”