Why The Rise of Kylo Ren came out 6 months too late.

The Rise of Kylo Ren is the first Star Wars comic I’ve ever read and boy was it a great start! I absolutely adored the book and loved the glimpse into Ben Solo’s backstory we got. The introduction of fellow Jedi Padawans, Hennix, Tai and Voe added weight to Ben Solo’s betrayal. We got anContinue reading “Why The Rise of Kylo Ren came out 6 months too late.”

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1 Review

Writer: Ethan SacksArtist: Paolo VillanelliRating: 6/10 After really enjoying the recent Rise of Kylo Ren comic book, I thought I’d give the brand new Star Wars series, Bounty Hunters, a try. Focusing on a group of Bounty Hunters out for revenge on one of their own who betrayed them several years earlier, the book promisesContinue reading “Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1 Review”

The Rise Of Kylo Ren #1 and #2

Writer: Charles Soule Artist: Will Sliney Rating: 4/5 From probably the age of 3, I’ve always been a Star Wars fan. From movies, to the animated shows, to the video games, I’ve always consumed as much Star Wars content as I could. I’ve also read number Star Wars novels, but despite being a massive comicContinue reading “The Rise Of Kylo Ren #1 and #2”