Titans Season 3 Set to Feature Red Hood

DC Universe show Titans is set to show Jason Todd’s transition into Red Hood in the upcoming third season of the show. Red Hood, who debuted back in 2005 when Todd came back from the dead after a couple of decades out of action, is a hugely popular character with fans and would be aContinue reading “Titans Season 3 Set to Feature Red Hood”

Scott Lobdell is Leaving Red Hood & the Outlaws After Almost Ten Years

Red Hood writer Scott Lobdell is leaving the comic book after almost ten years on the book. Lobdell took over writing the book in 2011 and no one in DC has been writing a specific book for longer. The news came when Lobdell himself made the announcement on his personal Instagram account and revealed thatContinue reading “Scott Lobdell is Leaving Red Hood & the Outlaws After Almost Ten Years”

Ranking the four main Robins.

Today marked the 80th anniversary of a certain Boy Wonder first joining Batman and assisting him on his war against crime in Gotham. If it wasn’t for Dick Grayson’s introduction all those years ago, we may never have gotten the side kick character. There would be no Kid Flash, no Bucky Barnes, no Speedy, theContinue reading “Ranking the four main Robins.”