Batman #95: Review & Ratings as Joker War Kicks Off

Writer: James Tynion IVArtist: Jorge Jimenez Batman #95 kicked off the highly anticipated Joker War and it did so with a bang! Following the events of Their Dark Designs, The Joker has masterminded his way into stealing all of Bruce Wayne’s fortune. The Clown Prince of Crime now owns Wayne Manor, Wayne Enterprises and hasContinue reading “Batman #95: Review & Ratings as Joker War Kicks Off”

So Catwoman is pregnant?

Earlier today Tom King tweeted out a picture showing Batman embracing a heavily pregnant, but strangely still dressed as Catwoman, Selina Kyle. With Tom King’s Batman and Catwoman book coming up this could be a hint at what to expect from the book. However, King is also writing a story for Catwoman’s upcoming 80th anniversaryContinue reading “So Catwoman is pregnant?”