Jurnee Smollett Would ‘Absolutely’ Reprise Black Canary Role if Asked

One of the stand out performances from this year’s Birds of Prey movie was Jurnee Smollett’s outing as Dinah Lance a.k.a the Black Canary. The actress did a tremendous job bringing Dinah to the big screen for the first time and was one of the brightest sparks in an already fantastic movie. The actress wasContinue reading “Jurnee Smollett Would ‘Absolutely’ Reprise Black Canary Role if Asked”

My Birds of Prey review!

Director: Cathy Yan Rating: 4/5 Now I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t all that interested in seeing this movie. The Birds of Prey weren’t a comic book team I’d read much of at all and having Harley Quinn join the team just felt like any excuse to continue to over expose the popular character. ThatContinue reading “My Birds of Prey review!”

Thank you Arrow!

I remember when Smallville ended. I remember watching the two hour finale and questioning what could fill the void left by my favourite tv show of all time. Back then there wasn’t many superhero shows out there. That was all about to change! When Arrow was announced, first I was excited. Then I was disappointedContinue reading “Thank you Arrow!”

5 DC characters Smallville did well and 5 DC characters the Arrowverse did better.

Over the years the Arrowverse has grown into a powerhouse in terms of live action superhero universes. Having given us over 8 shows from beginning with Arrow to it’s upcoming Superman and Lois, the universe has been used to introduce us to an incredible amount of heroes. That being said, a lot of the creditContinue reading “5 DC characters Smallville did well and 5 DC characters the Arrowverse did better.”