DCeased: Hope at World’s End #2 Review

Writer: Tom TaylorArtist: Renato Guedes Similarly to the first issue of Tom Taylor’s new digital first DCeased story, Hope at World’s End continued to show the readers a more in depth look at what Superman and the Justice League were doing during the early days of the outbreak. This book however gave a glimpse atContinue reading “DCeased: Hope at World’s End #2 Review”

Henry Cavill in Talks to Reprise Superman Role

Henry Cavill is currently negotiating a deal to reprise his role as DC Comics’ Superman within the DCEU. According to Deadline, Cavill is in talks with Warner Bros to return as Superman – despite there currently being no announced plans for a Man of Steel sequel. Cavill’s Superman has been one of the bright sparksContinue reading “Henry Cavill in Talks to Reprise Superman Role”