The CW Have Revealed Their New Batwoman

The CW has announced Javicia Leslie will be the new Batwoman going forward. Leslie, who’s known for her role on God Friended Me, will replace Ruby Rose who stepped down from her role as Batwoman after the show’s first season. The search for a new Batwoman had lead to the likes of WWE star SonyaContinue reading “The CW Have Revealed Their New Batwoman”

DCeased: Dead Planet #1 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor After what feels like forever, we finally got Tom Taylor’s newest DCeased tale, Dead Planet, today. Set five years after the events of the original tale, Dead Planet sees the Justice League – who fled to Earth-2 during the original DCeased – return to answer a distress signal coming from Cyborg. ThisContinue reading “DCeased: Dead Planet #1 Review”

Scott Lobdell is Leaving Red Hood & the Outlaws After Almost Ten Years

Red Hood writer Scott Lobdell is leaving the comic book after almost ten years on the book. Lobdell took over writing the book in 2011 and no one in DC has been writing a specific book for longer. The news came when Lobdell himself made the announcement on his personal Instagram account and revealed thatContinue reading “Scott Lobdell is Leaving Red Hood & the Outlaws After Almost Ten Years”

Michael Keaton in Talks to Reprise Batman Role for Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie

Michael Keaton is currently in talks to reprise his role as Batman in the upcoming Ezra Miller The Flash movie. Keaton, who played the role in Tim Burton’s Batman and its sequel is said to be negotiating a return in the role as a mentor type figure. The report comes from Hollywood Reporter and claimsContinue reading “Michael Keaton in Talks to Reprise Batman Role for Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie”

Zack Snyder Reveals Which Robin DCEU Joker Killed and No, it’s Not Jason Todd

Zack Snyder has revealed which Robin was killed by the Joker in the DCEU and surprisingly it’s not Jason Todd. In Batman vs. Superman, we see a Robin costume which has been defaced by the Joker and it’s revealed that the Dark Knight’s sidekick was killed by the Clown Prince of Crime. While many –Continue reading “Zack Snyder Reveals Which Robin DCEU Joker Killed and No, it’s Not Jason Todd”

Remembering Denny O’Neil, a Revolutionary

Today we were hit with the devastating news that legendary comic book writer, Denny O’Neil had died. O’Neil was a writer way ahead of his time and his work for DC helped pave the way for several decades of success. Having taken on the role of Batman writer, O’Neil’s run with the character saw BatmanContinue reading “Remembering Denny O’Neil, a Revolutionary”

What Makes Superman so Special

Superman was the first superhero. The blueprint for what was to come, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s creation paved the way for every superhero that followed him and without the creation of Superman there would be no superheroes, no Marvel Cinematic Universe, no Batman The Animated Series, no Spider-Man PS4. Superman and his success isContinue reading “What Makes Superman so Special”

The Flash #755 Kills off Major Character

The latest issue in Joshua Williamson’s Flash run killed off a major character from Barry Allen’s world. Following a team up between The a Flash, Reverse-Flash and Godspeed to take down Paradox, Eobard Thawne killed Godspeed by snapping his neck. Thawne then promised to assemble his own ‘Reverse-Flash team’ to take on Barry and hisContinue reading “The Flash #755 Kills off Major Character”

Brian Michael Bendis Set to Leave Superman Comics

Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis recently revealed his time writing the Superman books were coming to an end. Bendis has been writing Superman for a couple of years now, but – during an episode of David Harper’s Off Panel podcast – the writer revealed his time writing the Man of Steel was almost done.Continue reading “Brian Michael Bendis Set to Leave Superman Comics”