Ranking the Best Moments in Joshua Williamson’s The Flash Run

Following the conclusion of his four-year run on The Flash, here’s a look at the five best moments from Joshua Williamson’s time writing the Scarlet Speedster!

The Flash #750 Review

Rating: 7/10 Bringing in a large plethora of writers such as Joshua Williamson, Marv Wolfman, Geoff Johns and Scott Lobdell, The Flash #750 gave us an enjoyable comic, filled with little stories featuring all three of the greatest and most predominant versions of the character we’ve seen so far. We got to see the nextContinue reading “The Flash #750 Review”

Ranking my favourite versions of The Flash!

This month marks the 80th birthday of DC comics character, The Flash. Starting with Jay Garrick, we’ve seen numerous characters take the alias of The Flash over the years, giving us eight decades of great stories to read. As The Flash is one of my favourite comic book characters I thought I’d celebrate the 80thContinue reading “Ranking my favourite versions of The Flash!”