Review: Superman #19

Writer: Brian Michael BendisArtist: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Danny Miki, Julio Ferreira and Oclair AlbertRating: 4/5 This book was one I’d been really looking forward to. It had been quite a while since I’d been this intrigued for a comic book to come out. In the last issue Superman did the unthinkable, he revealed toContinue reading “Review: Superman #19”

5 great comic books for new comic book readers to read.

One of the most intimidating things when it comes to being a new comic book reader is where on Earth to start. With over 80 years of fantastic stories to choose from, the decision on where is best to get started is quite a tough one. You don’t want to start one story if you’llContinue reading “5 great comic books for new comic book readers to read.”

The upcoming Superman and Lois TV show: Exciting new venture or huge missed opportunity?

Late last year it was announced that a new Arrowverse TV show centered arround Superman and Lois Lane would be arriving in 2020. With Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch reprising their roles, with the former appearing as a recurring character throughout Supergirl’s run and with both featuring in the last two Arrowverse crossovers, they haveContinue reading “The upcoming Superman and Lois TV show: Exciting new venture or huge missed opportunity?”

5 DC stories I’d love to see adapted into animated movies!

Whilst Marvel has been light years ahead of DC when it comes to their live action cinematic outings over the last decade, there’s no denying that the former can’t hold a candle to the latter when it comes to animated movies. For over 2 decades now, DC have been converting many of their classic storyContinue reading “5 DC stories I’d love to see adapted into animated movies!”

6 upcoming comic book movies I’m most excited about!

After a decade in which comic book movies reached heights of popularity never seen before, Spider-Man Far From Home brought Marvel’s Infinity Saga and Phase 3 of the MCU to a close, but fear not as the comic book movie phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down any time soon with a large plethora ofContinue reading “6 upcoming comic book movies I’m most excited about!”

Crisis on Infinite Earths Review!

No matter how many story arcs we see adapted in live action movies and tv shows, there’s a select few that are considered unfilmable. There’s too much going on that bringing these stories to life in live action form seem almost impossible. For the longest time DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths was top of thatContinue reading “Crisis on Infinite Earths Review!”

DC’s 5G initiative… positive movement or unnecessary change?

So last year DC announced it’s upcoming 5G event. What will occur during a crisis level event, the plan is for all of DC’s main superheroes such as Superman, Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern to be aged up significantly and replaced with new, younger characters stepping into their roles. The changes are shaping upContinue reading “DC’s 5G initiative… positive movement or unnecessary change?”

The Rise Of Kylo Ren #1 and #2

Writer: Charles Soule Artist: Will Sliney Rating: 4/5 From probably the age of 3, I’ve always been a Star Wars fan. From movies, to the animated shows, to the video games, I’ve always consumed as much Star Wars content as I could. I’ve also read number Star Wars novels, but despite being a massive comicContinue reading “The Rise Of Kylo Ren #1 and #2”

The under appreciated Spider-Man The Animated Series and why it was so good!

Growing up in the 1990s, my first introduction to superheroes and the comic book world was through the numerous cartoons DC and Marvel released during the decade. We were blessed with classics like Batman The Animated Series, X-Men The Animated Series and Superman The Animated Series and whilst these were deservedly praised, I’ve always feltContinue reading “The under appreciated Spider-Man The Animated Series and why it was so good!”

2020 The resurrection of Wally West!

Growing up one of my first encounters with superheroes was the Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited cartoons. I would watch those shows religiously and although Superman was my standout favourite superhero, a trend which has stuck with me through my entire life, The Flash was always a character I felt invested in. WallyContinue reading “2020 The resurrection of Wally West!”