WandaVision Episode 6: Review and Rating


After last week‘s HUGE cameo had the world talking, this week’s episode seemingly took a step back and gave us a chance to catch our breath. Or so we thought up until its exhilarating conclusion.

The show’s aesthetic took another leap forward this week, closely resembling the more modern, pun intended, comedies such as Modern Family, with several characters breaking the fourth walk and talking to the camera.

The cast’s dynamic changed drastically as well, with the arrival of Wanda’s brother, Pietro, adding an interesting new layer to the Maximoff household.

One thing that surprised me right from the off, was Quicksilver’s awareness as to what was going on around him. He straight up confronted Wanda about what she was doing at Westview, showing no sign of shock or even surprise at what his sister was doing. I expected there to be some sort of hint at why this wasn’t the same Pietro that we’d previously seen in Age of Ultron, but it seems the show is holding its cards pretty close to the chest for the time being and I can’t really blame them for that just yet. The sense of mystery that surrounds WandaVision is one of its biggest calling cards, so it’s wise for them to continue forward with that same aura.

That being said, there’s no coincidence Evan Peters is playing the character and I’m sure this will all lead to some game changing revelation with the X-Men, we’ll just have to wait it out!

The show’s most intriguing aspect is once again Vision’s investigation into what’s going on in Westview and his slow realisation that the woman he loves is behind all the strange things that are going on.

There were some really eerie moments throughout, with Vision finding several civilians just frozen in motion, with one woman repeatedly moving in the same cycle, while a tear runs down her check. This all culminates in the former Avenger coming across Agnes and temporarily releasing her from the trap where she quickly reveals he’s an Avenger and tells him that he’s dead.

It’s been clear for a while now that Vision had no recollection of his life before Westview, but hearing him asking what an Avenger was hit hard. A small part of me had hoped we’d see Paul Bettany’s character survive the show and return to the MCU in the future, but after watching him just disintegrate the minute he passed the Westview barrier, I think it’s safe to say that his days are numbered.

Outside of the town, Monica Rambeau and the gang’s continued efforts to help Wanda make for an exciting show, with Darcy’s comedic timing one of the highlights for me. The episode’s conclusion, with Wanda expanding her bubble, submerging Darcy and many others and watching them transform into idealistic charactures of themselves inside her world was a pretty tense ending and sets the show’s final stretch up for something truly explosive.

While the show didn’t quite take its foot off the gas after several high octane instalments, there’s no denying it did let up a little. It’s getting to the point now though, where it would make sense for another member of the Avengers to show up. It will likely be Doctor Strange, setting up his upcoming movie, but someone should as that will be what it takes to stop Wanda and free all of these people.

Star Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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