Keanu Reeves Reportedly Offered Kraven the Hunter Role

While Spider-Man is busy embroiled in the MCU, Sony’s own universe featuring characters from the webslinger’s rogues gallery is set to grow.

According to the Illuminerdi, Sony have recently offered Keanu Reeves the role of Kraven the Hunter, as they look to showcase the character in his very own solo film.

This would mark the third Spidey villain to land his own solo movie, with Venom already earning a sequel and a Morbius stand-alone movie on the way.

Reeves has seen a bit of a career rejuvenation with his role as John Wick pushing him to the forefront of many studios wish list.

Kraven the Hunter is one of the more menacing villains to do battle with a Spider-Man and even managed to temporarily kill Peter Parker, in Kraven’s Last Hunt.

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