Legend of Shang-Chi #1: Review and Rating

Writer: Alyssa Wong
Artist: Andie Tong

I’ll be honest, I’ve never read and know very little about Shang-Chi, but with the movie on the horizon, I thought I’d check the character out and jump on this brand new series.

I was pleasantly surprised with this first issue. Opening in London, Shang-Chi has been recruited by an MI6 agent to steal the magic Equinox blade, known for stealing people’s souls, from a museum shortly before it’s set to be handed off to an unknown buyer.

The issue all felt very spy thriller, exciting action, James Bond style entertainment and I loved it for that. It wasn’t until Shang-Chi attempted to steal the blade that he realised he wasn’t alone in attempting to take it, coming face to face with Lady Deathstrike.

There was some really enjoyable action scenes with the two fighting each other for the majority of the issue and it all flowed really well.

It was a really simple and easy to follow issue, with Shang-Chi overpowering Lady Deathstrike and seemingly destroying the Equinox blade, returning the victims’ souls to their body, before the end revealed that Deathstrike, who had fled shortly after Shang-Chi beat her in combat, had kept some of the broke fragments of the sword and will likely use it in the future.

This first issue didn’t set the world alight with its story and isn’t really rocking the Marvel universe right now, but it was really enjoyable and fast paced and I’m excited to see where we go from here. Regardless, I think the series will amplify my excitement for the upcoming MCU movie tenfold and I recommend anyone else who’s unfamiliar with the character to give this series a read in preparation.

Star Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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