Five Favourite Pixar Movies

Today marks the 35th anniversary of Pixar’s creation. Over the last three and a half decades, we’ve seen the studio do some absolutely phenomenal work, churning out a number of classic animated movies that we’ve all grown to love.

To honour Pixar’s 35th birthday, I’ve decided to go through my five favourite movies to come out of the Pixar banner.

5. Toy Story

The very first movie Pixar created, the studio kicked things off with a bang. The very first Toy Story movie revolutionised how animated movies were made forever and really stretched the boundaries and limits that studios had usually been restrained to.

The story was one of the most unique we’d ever seen and really struck a cord with me as a child and even now as an adult. The beauty with certain Pixar movies is the ability to feel relatable no matter how old you are and their first outing was a prime example of that.

With memorable characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story was instantly one of my favourite movies when I first watched it and even now I feel myself almost transported back to my childhood whenever I watch it again.

4. Monsters Inc

When I first decided to do this list, I just assumed Monsters Inc would feature higher on it and it’s just a testament to the other movies Pixar have produced that it’s fallen to number four.

I LOVE Monsters Inc. To me, there wasn’t a funnier movie as a child. The dynamic between Mike and Sully was genius and the chemistry the two shared was impeccable. The story was fantastic and Boo was just the absolute sweetest.

The key to a good Pixar movie is making the protagonists easy to route for and Monsters Inc was undoubtedly one of the most successful iterations of this. The movie even had the little twist towards its conclusion regarding the villain, which rocked me to the core all those years ago.

3. The Incredibles

Let me start things off here by mentioning how big a fan I am of DC and Marvel. I love all things superhero, so for me, The Incredibles was right up my street. Watching Pixar’s take on the superhero genre was incredible and still to this day ranks as one of the best superhero movies I’ve seen.

The whole Parr family are incredibly likeable and the way the movie blends the mundane dull every day life they all live, alongside the super cool superhero shenanigans they get up to was genius.

Also, this movie gave us Frozone and growing up he was just the absolute coolest man on the planet in my eyes.

2. Coco

The most recent movie on my list, I absolutely adore Coco. I happened to watch this movie by accident. I didn’t set out to watch it, but stumbled across it while it was on TV and I was hooked from the off.

The music, the message, the tone, everything about this movie was perfect. It was all so special and really knocked me back by just how much I resonated with it. I’ve never been the most musically gifted individual, but watching how much it meant to Miguel and his desperation to play, is something we can all relate to, no matter what area it is we love.

The songs are just incredible and I still listen to a couple regularly now and probably will for a very long time.

1. Toy Story 2

I don’t think Pixar will ever be able to top Toy Story 2 in my eyes. This movie came out around the time I first started going to the cinema and is one of the earliest movies I ever remember going to see and I was so in love with it from the very start.

It took everything I loved about the first Toy Story movie and just amplified its excellence in every single way. With a much more compelling villain, who we didn’t even see coming, and an overall stronger story, I just find myself drawn back to this movie a hell of a lot more than its prequel or any of its sequels. To me this is the very best movie in the Toy Story franchise and the very best movie Pixar have ever released and it’s not even very close.

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