WandaVision Episode Four: Review and Rating

Heading into the fourth episode of WandaVision, expectations were set high. The show’s star, Paul Bettany, had promised a monumental episode, leaving me especially intrigued to see how it would play out.

Boy, he wasn’t wrong. We finally got some answers as to what is going on in Westview and it’s shaping up to be an absolute balls to the walls second half of the season.

The show opened with Monica Rambeau returning to Earth after being a victim of Thanos’ blip. This scene was really cool as we got to see what it looked like when the missing people just reappeared and the panic that followed. It was also pretty interesting to see everyone’s bodies just reform in the exact reverse to how they disintegrated in Infinity War.

From here we learned that Monica was a member of SWORD and she teams up with FBI agent Jimmy Woo, previously seen in Antman and the Wasp, to investigate a missing persons case, where everyone who knew the man have forgotten he exists.

This leads her to arriving at Westview, the mysterious town in which we know Wanda and Vision are currently residing. The fact that several nearby workers are unaware of the town’s existence, immediately alerts Monica that something sinister is going on.

From here we see a number of callbacks to the first several episodes, with the drone found in Wanda’s hedge initially used by Monica in an attempt to see what’s happening in Westview, we see the man that emerged from the manhole actually make his way to the town and we see how Monica came to be Geraldine inside the crazy world.

Kat Dennings return as Darcy Lewis was a fun one and is sure to add a bit of the humour we’ve come to expect from an MCU project into the show.

The revelation that Wanda is in fact the big bad that’s holding all these people hostage and forcing them to take part in her ‘sitcom’ is one that I’d considered a possibility early in the show’s run, but to see it confirmed was still pretty shocking and gave me goosebumps.

The show’s end, with Wanda seeing Vision’s corpse, and Monica – who had just been thrown through the barrier back into the real world – claiming it was all down to Wanda, really left the show on a cliffhanger and I’m so excited to see where it goes from here.

I had no idea just how much I’d enjoy this show, but it has blown away the previous expectations I’d had coming into it.

Star Rating: ****

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