Tim Drake Will Join Titans in Season Three as Jay Lycurgo is Cast

Having already been introduced to Dick Grayson and Jason Todd in Titans, it seems the third season of the show will mark the arrival of the third character to take on the Robin mantle, Tim Drake.

Drake, who stepped into the role as Robin following Jason Todd’s death at the hands of the Joker, will be played by Jay Lycurgo it was reported earlier today by Lance Ausfresser of the Titans Group.

The move makes sense, following the announcement that Curran Walter’s Jason Todd is set to become the Red Hood, the ruthless vigilante identity he assumed following his resurrection, in the upcoming season, Batman will be without a sidekick.

Drake, who debuted back in 1989 in Batman #436, is widely regarded as the most intelligent character to take on the Robin mantle and I’m excited to see what Titans does with him.

The latest season is shaping up to be a good one, with it already being reported last week that Barbara Gordon will also be joining the show this season.

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