Live Action Harry Potter Series in the Works at HBO Max

HBO Max are currently working on bringing a live action TV series based on Harry Potter to their streaming service.

While the project is still in its very early days, the hope is that Warner Bros would delve further into the Harry Potter universe first seen in JK Rowling’s book series.

It’s currently unknown whether the series would focus on Harry and his friends, or similarly to the Fantastic Beast movies, explore a different section of the magical universe.

Following the launch of the HBO Max streaming service, HBO’s main priority has been focusing on its TV series, rather than movies.

While the prospect of a TV series based within the Harry Potter world excites me, my main hope is that this won’t be an attempt to reboot the classic movies. Their legacy remains untouched and should be left well alone.

That being said, a series further exploring a previously unseen area of the franchise would be a welcome addition to the series and I’d for sure give it a watch.

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