WandaVision Episode Three: Rating and Review

The next chapter in Marvel’s latest MCU outing, WandaVision dropped this morning and gave us our latest look at the extremely peculiar world that we find Wanda and Vision in

Moving on from the black and white aesthetic of the first two episodes, the show also moved on from the classic 60s sitcom feel, progressing to resemble more of the 70s sitcoms that took the world by storm, such as Happy Days and The Brady Bunch.

The episode opens with Wanda and Vision dealing with their surprise pregnancy, perplexed at how she’s fallen pregnant and just why the baby seems to be growing at an alarming rate.

The couple are also forced to deal with Wanda’s powers going off the fritz as she goes through the unusual pregnancy, with the electricity in the neighbourhood going haywire during a fake contraction.

The episode’s first eery hint at the sinister behind the scenes goings on arrived when Vision seemingly became aware of something strange happening, telling Wanda that something wasn’t right. The Android brought up the peculiar happenings from the first two episodes and had seemingly clocked onto the fact nothing was as it seemed. Ultimately, though, he was quickly reset and time reworded briefly, altering his revelation and rendering him none the wiser once again.

We eventually see Wanda give birth to twin boys, Tommy and Billy. Once again, Vision begins to notice a number of strange happenings, overhearing his neighbours questioning the arrival of Wanda’s friend Geraldine.

My personal highlight of the episode was Wanda mentioning her brother Pietro, with Geraldine revealing she was aware of Quicksilver’s death at the hands of Ultron.

It’s quickly revealed Geraldine is a member of SWORD. The episode’s conclusion was easily the most intense of the show’s early run so far.

We saw more cracks in this perfect picturesque life crack, with Vision almost learning the truth from his neighbours and Wanda realising Geraldine wasn’t who she said she was.

The episode ended with Geraldine being thrown through some sort of portal and landing back in the regular world, before she was quickly surrounded by the armed forces. Now, it’s already been confirmed that Geraldine is actually Monica Rambeau, last seen as a child in Captain Marvel, so what happened to her and how she came to join SWORD is another exciting question surrounding the show that will almost certainly be explored as the season progresses.

While there’s still a certain level of mystery surrounding the show, we’re slowly gaining an insight into what might be going on. It seems Wanda may be a prisoner, captured by this organisation known as SWORD.

Geraldine being thrown into the real world suggests that there’s some sort of passageway into the strange town, likely squashing suggestions that it’s all in Wanda’s head, but who knows? I for one can’t wait to find out!

Rating: *****

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