Star Wars: The High Republic #1: Review and Rating

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Ario Anindito

We finally got our first glimpse at the highly anticipated next chapter within the Star Wars saga today, when The High Republic #1 was finally released.

Having been teased since early last year, the series has promised to give us a real insight into what is considered the golden age of the Jedi and is unlike any Star Wars era we’ve seen yet.

The story opened with young padawan Keeve Trennis undertaking her trials to become a Jedi Knight. Although it appears she fails to complete them due to an attack from alien parasites on a nearby city, it’s later revealed that the attack was all apart of the test, and Keeve’s decision to stop the attack rather than focus on herself were what proved she was ready to become a Jedi Knight.

I absolutely loved seeing Keeve take on her trial as it’s something we’ve never really seen in the Star Wars universe. There’s been a lot of talk about the padawans and the trials they must face in order to become a Jedi in the past, but it felt exciting to actually see how one played out.

The book quickly established a number of its main cast, with Jedi masters Sskeer, Triss, Maru and Veter all introduced, as well as a much younger than previously seen, Yoda. While the opportunity to see a slate of never before seen Jedi in action is exciting, it was also pretty damn great to see Yoda’s familiar face make an appearance.

The book ended with a ceremony marking Keeve’s ascendance to Jedi Knight and again, it was nice to actually see this play out.

There wasn’t much else told throughout this first edition, aside from interesting plots set up with the Starlight Beacon and it’s new Marshall, Master Kriss and the budding mystery on what is going on with Keeve’s master, Master Sskeer and why was he so enraged following his apprentice’s promotion?

The art was fantastic throughout the book and I can’t wait to see what an excellent job this team does illuminating a number of planets we’ve yet to see in the Star Wars universe.

Great start to the series and I’m intrigued to see where we go from here!

Star Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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