Cobra Kai Season Three: Review and Rating

I know I may be a little later than most, but I finally completed Cobra Kai’s third season, it’s first under the Netflix banner, and I just had to talk about it.

This series just seems to go from strength to strength. I was actually a little worried when it made its move to Netflix, that the streaming juggernaut wouldn’t quite capture the magic we’d seen the show create during its two year run on Youtube’s on streaming service, but those worries now seem foolish after witnessing the excellence that was season three.

Picking up two weeks after season two finished, we find the main cast dealing with the aftermath of that epic school fight. With Miguel in the hospital, Robby on the run and Miyagi-Do shut down, there was a lot of rebuilding and healing, physically and mentally, for everyone in the valley to do, but that was what made this season so special. We saw the characters we love overcome the obstacles that had been set before them.

One personal highlight of the season for me, was watching Johnny help Miguel recover in ways only Johnny could. The hilarious methods he employs to get Miguel back on his feet, more often than not failing, were some of the funniest moments of the entire season.

This season also gave us some call backs to the second Karate Kid movie, a nice touch after the first two seasons solely focused on the original movie. With Daniel taking a trip to Mr Miyagi’s hometown, we got to see him reunite with former childhood sweetheart Kumiko as well as one time rival Chozen, who’s character arc was a personal favourite of mine from this season.

We got more moving tributes to Mr Miyagi’s iconic character and we even got a emotional backstory for John Kreese’s previously one dimensional villain.

We saw Hawk’s triumphant return to the good side, something I was sceptical about until I watched it play out and instantly forgave him for everything he did. This isn’t a show that you’re supposed to take seriously, it’s cheesy and it embraces that.

Ali’s two episode return was fantastic and it felt like a really big deal when she stood between Daniel and Johnny, just like old times. The closure we got to see her have with both of our main characters was a nice touch and the season offering us a glimpse of Johnny finally settling down with the woman he loves, Miguel’s mom (yikes), left the season on a positive note.

Robby siding with Cobra Kai and John Kreese will likely set up an explosive season four, with the young man feeling betrayed by both his father, Johnny, and his former Sensei, Daniel. The ending of the season was arguably its highlight though, with the final episode ending with Daniel and Johnny finally teaming up to take on Cobra Kai leaving the season on an incredible teaser for the future and leaving me almost gagging for more.

Also, a side note, I was thrilled to see Daniel’s goofy cousin, Louie back after previously missing the second season, that guy is so funny.

Star Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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