Four Underrated Festive Movies You Should Watch Before Christmas Day

As the countdown to the 25th continues, we’re only five days away from Christmas and if, like me, you’ve been churning through your seasonal favourites throughout December, you might have already ticked off all the best ones. The fun doesn’t have to stop there, though.

While there are undoubtedly a list of classics we all feast our eyes on every year, there are a number of Christmas movies that come and go, with unfavourable reviews leading to them falling by the wayside.

With that being said, here are four underrated festive movies that you should watch before Christmas day.

Daddy’s Home 2

While not as good as the first instalment, Daddy’s Home 2 is another really funny outing for Will Ferrell, Mark Walberg and co. The additions of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow as Walberg’s and Ferrell’s onscreen dads respectively worked wonderfully as they added to the entertaining dynamic we previously saw in the first movie.

With stepdad Brad and real dad Dusty deciding to bring their two families together for Christmas, the group decided to holiday at a beautiful vacation lodge in the snow. This leads to a number of hilarious and heart warming scenarios as we see the two main characters doing their best to provide their families with a perfect Christmas whilst also dealing with their fathers. By this point, it seems Ferrell plays the same character in everything he’s in, but it works to this movie’s advantage.

Even if the movie isn’t really to your taste, you’re sure to find a number of laughs in their at the very least.

Jack Frost

This, despite it’s overwhelmingly bad reviews, is one of my all time favourite Christmas movies and is one I watch every year without fail.

Michael Keaton stars as a musician who gets a second chance at being a good dad for his son Charlie, when he’s brought back from the dead as a snowman. While, as you can imagine, the movie is filled with goofy antics and the plot is rather silly, there are also a number of really emotional moments throughout and it’s a movie I never get through without shedding at least a couple of tears.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

What do you get when you cross a cross country trip to land your dad’s Porsche with the Christmas period? One hell of an underrated festive movie! Starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the movie revolves around a self centred college student, who must travel home for Christmas after his dad promises him his Porsche in return, the only catch… he has to be home by 6pm Christmas eve.

It isn’t that simple though as Thomas’ Jake suffers a series of setbacks and mishaps as he tries to make it home in time. Of course, as with any good Christmas movie, Jake learns a number of lessons along the way and eventually comes to realise that Christmas is about much more than a sports car.


My personal favourite adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Scrooged took the concept and brought it to the modern day, well it was modern day back then. Bill Murray stars as a grumpy, miserable TV Executive who has long forgotten what it means to be a decent human being.

With it’s own unique takes on the visiting ghosts, the movie is hilarious and Murray is absolutely sensational in the main role. While not as child friendly as other versions of Dickens’ classic, the movie is nothing short of fantastic and its ending is as heart warming and emotional as any Christmas movie out there.

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