Justice League: Endless Winter #1 Review and Rating

Writer: Andy Lanning and Ron Marz Artist: Howard Porter

After months of anticipation, DC’s major, game changing event, Endless Winter has finally arrived and boy was it worth the wait!

Having been teased for a while, Endless Winter is set to be one of DC’s biggest stories in recent years and the first issue definitely gave off that type of feel.

After a devastating monster, the Frost King, is somehow released from his captivity, 1000 years after he was imprisoned, the beast uses the remains of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude to power up and take on the Justice League, getting the better of them.

From there, the entire planet is engulfed in a heavy snow storm which is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The end of the book dropped the revelation that Black Adam has faced this creature in the past and was likely responsible for its original downfall.

I love that Black Adam is set to play a key role in the book as he’s a criminally underrated character in my opinion. He works best in this antihero role and it’s one I expect him to excel at in the story.

This entire book was great, it was exciting, tense, funny and each member of the Justice League got their chance to shine, with The Flash in particular taking centre stage for a large portion of the issue as he’s struggling to deal with finding the perfect balance between being a hero and his personal life.

Set on the backdrop of Christmas, the story has a real seasonal feel to it, despite its dangerous and world threatening undertones. I’m incredibly excited to read more!

One final side note, the Frost King look absolutely fantastic and the art throughout the entire issue is gorgeous.

Star Rating: ****

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