The Flash #766: Review and Rating

Writer: Kevin Schnick
Artist: Will Conrad

Picking up where the previous issue left off, we see The Flash continue his battle with DR. Alchemy, before the villain flees, leaving Barry to recover.

I liked the little cameo we got of John Stewart, one of my favorite DC characters, no matter how brief his appearance was.

In my opinion, the story felt a bit rushed, with Barry debating whether to create his own Philosopher’s Stone, but then out of nowhere admitting he’d already built it. This felt a little to convenient to me.

In general, I was a little bored reading the issue, and the villain’s motive – to prove he/they are a better chemist than Barry – felt really flat and really silly to me. As far as motives go, it’s got to be one of the most anti-climatic I’ve seen in quite some time.

DR. Alchemy turning the buildings of Central City to acid was a pretty cool touch, though. The fight at the end was pretty disappointing too, but having the villain turned to stone was a nice ending, with The Flash placing the statue in Iron Heights as he works out how to ‘save’ Desmond.

The end of the issue teased that we’d see more of this story in the upcoming Justice League title, Endless Winter, but I’m not all that itching to read more of this one if I’m completely honest, which is pretty disappointing considering how excited I was after I finished reading the previous issue.

All in all, it was nice to see a lesser villain like DR. Alchemy in the spotlight, but the story eventually fell a bit flat in my opinion. On to the next one and hopefully things get better from here.

Star Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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