Suicide Squad #11: Review and Rating as Tom Taylor’s Tale Comes to an End

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Bruno Redondo

Tom Taylor’s Suicide Squad run came to an end this week and what a run it was. Although short, Taylor’s 11 issue run with the Suicide Squad breathed new life into the group and was the rejuvenation they desperately needed.

Opening up with the Black Racer bringing Jog back to life, it’s revealed the speedster is the young anti-hero’s father and wants the two to team up, but Jog has other intentions, quickly heading off to save his team from the ongoing explosion caused by Lola that we witnessed at the end of the previous issue.

The book also saw the group come into contact with the Justice League, with the League showing up to escort Black Mask to prison, leading to a tense standoff as Batman and co considered the squad criminals and were looking to punish them too.

In one of the best moments of the book, President Mishra really tore into Batman and defended the squad, demanding they were granted their freedom for their actions and heroics.

It’s nice to see the Dark Knight occasionally brought down a peg or two so I enjoyed seeing this a lot, haha!

In the most touching moment of the book, Harley Quinn decides to leave the team behind and returns to Deadshot’s daughter and offers her support and promises to be there to help the young girl grieve her father. I loved this and thought it rang true to the relationship Harley and Floyd had.

The book ended with the team rounding up anyone they knew who had played a part in helping the Suicide Squad and, while they didn’t kill them, they promised to release any incriminating evidence they had on them if they ever tried to harm or interfere with the team’s business again, emphatically putting an end to the Suicide Squad programme once and for all.

While I really, really enjoyed this run and credit Tom Taylor’s brilliance and perfect understanding of the characters for that, I’m gutted to see it brought to an end. Taylor seems to just hit the spot brilliantly when it comes to finding the right blend between the action, the comedy and the downright emotional moments in the book.

I recommend anyone who’s a Suicide Squad fan, or even just a comic book fan, to check out not only this issue, but the entire 11 part Suicide Squad story Taylor has written, it’s damn near perfect.

Star Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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