Batman #103: Review and Rating as Ghost Stories Rages On

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Carlo Pagulayan, Danny Miki & Guillem March

Having been introduced a couple of issues ago, Batman #103 gave us an even closer look at Ghostmaker, a foe from Bruce Wayne’s past. I just want to start off by saying I love Ghostmaker’s look. He looks unique, menacing and downright f***ing awesome! In fact, since his arrival on the book, I think James Tynion IV has done a pretty incredible job creating new characters, with The Designer, Punchline and Clown Hunter all great as well.

The issue starts with Batman face to face with Ghostmaker as his brand new foe targets Clownhunter, the teenage vigilante who’s been killing members of The Joker’s crew.

We got an interesting flash back to Bruce’s time training to become Batman, where he’s earned by Ghostmaker that he’s destined to fail in his quest to save Gotham as he cares too much.

We got more Harley Quinn in the issue, with a touching monologue aimed at Poison Ivy, before Clownhunter tried to take her down, being defeated easily.

I really enjoyed the issue and love what Tynion is doing with all these original characters he’s bringing into the fold. It feels fresh, must read and I’m all for it!

One gripe I do have with the book though, is the hypocrisy in Ghostmaker targeting Clownhunter for killing villains, yet his solution is to kill the teenager as well? Like that just puts them in the same boat as vigilantes killing people they deem villains.

The book ended with Ghostmaker getting the better of Batman and Harley Quinn in combat and standing over their fallen bodies as he declared he was going to be the one to save Gotham.

One of my favourite moments in the issue was Batman’s revelation that all the crimes Ghostmaker had solved, Batman was working on and was waiting for each case to gather more evidence, so he could bring down more people or confirm the serial killer’s body count. It demonstrated just how many steps ahead Bruce is of everyone else.

The art throughout the issue was fantastic and I’m already extremely excited to read the next one!

Rating: ****

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