Top Five Friday the 13th Movies

With my Halloween themed post a couple of weeks ago, naming some must watch horror movies during the spooky themed holiday, doing quite well, I thought I’d do something similar in honor of Friday the 13th. This time, I’m going to rank my five favorite movies from the popular Jason Voorhees led franchise!

While, all of the Friday the 13th movies have redeemable qualities, these five stand tall above the rest in my opinion, so here we go!

Just a quick side note, this is a list naming my favorite Friday the 13th movies, so while Freddy vs Jason features Jason Voorhees (and is one of my favorite horror movies ever), it isn’t in this list.

5.Friday the 13th Part III

Mostly known for the movie that first gave us Jason Voorhees in his hockey mask, Friday the 13th Part III played a pivotal part in the franchise’s long-lasting popularity. It’s also the first movie in the franchise to really show us some Jason in action, with the first two movies largely shot from the killers’ point of view.

With its formula now tied and tested, the movie once again followed a group of teens at Crystal Lake, with Jason Voorhees picking them off one by one. My only gripe with the movie was the decision to make it 3D, with a number of the kills and just camera shots in general, obviously done solely for the 3D effect.

4.Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

To date, one of only two movies from the franchise that don’t feature Jason Voorhees as the killer, A New Beginning was a disappointment to many fans because of the lack of Mrs Voorhees’ baby boy, but I actually found it surprisingly entertaining.

The movie follows a now adult Tommy Jarvis and his experiences in Pinehurst Halfway House, where he’s still tortured by the memories of his previous encounter with the hockey mask wearing brute. After a death within the institution, a hockey mask wearing copycat, imitates Jason and begins to kill Pinehurst’s occupants one by one. Tommy Jarvis is probably my favorite character out of the entire franchise so that’s probably why I enjoy this one, haha! Check it out anyway!

3.Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

As I said in the last entry, Tommy Jarvis is my favorite character in the entire franchise so how could I not love his debut? Corey Feldman is superb in the role and the ending of the movie was truly chilling.

While The Final Chapter followed the formula of the three previous movies, its ending took a huge step in a different direction. Originally intended to be the final movie in the franchise, luckily (or unluckily for some fans) we’ve been entertained by plenty more installments over the years. That being said, this really would have been a perfect conclusion to the Jason Voorhees saga.

2.Friday the 13th 2009

Another movie that wasn’t well received by many, the 2009 reboot of the franchise is a huge favorite of mine. Never before had we seen Jason look so impressive. The effects were fantastic, the protagonists were likeable and Jared Padalecki was fantastic in his role as a grieving brother searching for his missing sister.

The movie was filled by terrifying moments, but also had its fair share of comedic ones, with Aaron Yoo’s performance as Chad ‘Chewie’ Wong a real standout. Sadly, to date, this is the last movie in the franchise to be released. The action was the best we’ve ever seen in a Friday the 13th movie and I loved it wholeheartedly.

1.Friday the 13th

Nothing quite beats the original, eh? The very first movie in the franchise, Friday the 13th was a game changer and, alongside Halloween, revolutionized the horror genre in a way we’d never seen before.

The kills were unique, the story was fresh and the killer’s identity was shocking to say the least. Don’t get me started on the final jump scare, minute’s before the movies’ end, no one expected that at the time. Without this movie we’d have never seen Jason Voorhees and the slasher genre would be unrecognizable! If you’re going to watch any Friday the 13th film today, I’d go with the original!

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  1. I’ve always loved The Final Chapter mainly because of Crispin Glovers dancing and awesome corkscrew to the hand and cleaver to the face death. Plus Roberts death is so hilarious!

  2. I ranked the whole series from worst to first last month myself, and… your list is RADICALLY different from mine, haha! But that’s cool. Good to see a different take.

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