The Flash #765: Rating and Review as DR. Alchemy Takes Control

Writer: Kevin Shinick
Artist: Sami Basri & Will Conrad

Despite only being two issues into his run on The Flash so far, Kevin Shinick already has me excited about the future of the title and as such had me eagerly anticipating this week’s issue, The Flash #765 and I wasn’t disappointed.

Following the events of the previous issue, the book picks up with Barry Allen, absent of his powers and locked out of the speed force, forced to investigate DR. Alchemy’s recent actions using his second most powerful asset, his brain.

Much like Batman, some of my favourite stories concerning the Scarlet Speedster are ones focusing on his need to rely on his intelligence, deducing certain mysteries instead of just utilising his speed so I was excited with how this game me began.

Sadly, the powerless detective based story I was excited for lasted about four pages before Barry quickly figured out it was his Flash ring that had been altered, denying him his abilities.

Within no time we saw The Flash back at full speed fighting DR. Alchemy, before the villain revealed he knew Barry’s identity, leading the speedster to quickly return to Iris and take her to her family’s vacation home to hide her away from him.

It wasn’t long before Alchemy arrived at the vacation home himself however, revealing he was being possessed by all the different sorcerers throughout the years who had once possessed his philosophers’ stone and had been following Barry’s every move from the beginning.

I enjoyed this issue a lot and I’m really enjoyed Shinick’s run on the character in general. It feels original and has given the character a breath of fresh air that it desperately needed after four years of Joshua Williamson at the helm.

DR. Alchemy is a villain that we haven’t seen much of in quite some time, so his inclusion is a welcome change to Barry’s usual rogues gallery and I’m interested to see where we go from here.

The art throughout the issue was fantastic and – despite it only being three issues into Shinick’s run – it feels like his Barry Allen is much closer to the positive and optimistic character we all grew up loving as opposed to the broody and miserable character Williamson often wrote.

All in all, I’m excited for the next issue already and I’m growing increasingly more optimistic about Shinick’s run on the character with each passing book.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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5 thoughts on “The Flash #765: Rating and Review as DR. Alchemy Takes Control

  1. That looks like good old fashioned storytelling; something that isn’t seen enough in the last decade plus of comics. Nice to see something other than what’s the biggest, universe threatening monster we can throw at characters.

      1. The trouble, IMO is that ever since Crisis on Infinite Earths, both Marvel and DC have largely forgotten how to write thinking villains who don’t need vast cosmic powers to foil the heroes. This story arc gives me hope that somebody still knows how. 🙂

      2. Yeah, sometimes these sorts of villains are a welcome change! I’d like to see The Thinker used effectively again in the near future, but I imagine we’ll soon be straight back to the all powerful cosmic villains that we’ve grown tired of, haha.

      3. Well, like you said, they’re fine in small doses,

        I think part of what makes Batman popular isn’t that HE is a regular person, it’s that his villains are also (mostly). So, I suppose I should point out the exception to what I said earlier, lol

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