Ranking the Best Moments in Joshua Williamson’s The Flash Run

Although I’m a little late, I recently finished The Flash #762, which saw Joshua Williamson’s run with the character brought to an end.

Williamson spent four years writing The Flash and leaves behind one hell of a legacy with the scarlet speedster.

To celebrate the run, I thought I’d list some of my person favourite moments throughout the run and rank them, here we go!

5. The Legion of Zoom

Williamson made sure he exited the book with one hell of a bang. One of the largest Flash stories done in recent memory, Finish Line saw Reverse-Flash form his own ‘Legion of Zoom’ filled with members of The Flash’s rogues gallery in an attempt to finally beat Barry Allen.

I loved this story, the inclusion of so many different villains gave it a really big time atmosphere and the eventual arrival of all the speedsters we’ve grown to love over the years, including the return of Jessie Quick and Max Mercury, was fantastic. Side note, although we didn’t see him, Wally West saving Barry gave me goosebumps and was one hell of a moment!

This story felt like the definitive Reverse-Flash tale and I’m intrigued to see how they plan on using the character in the future.

4. The Introduction of Different Forces

One of my personal favourite aspects of Williamson’s run was his decision to introduce a number of other forces, such as the strength force and sage force, to accompany the speed force.

For the majority of DC’s history we’ve only ever seen the and known the existence of the speed force, so the revelation that the other forces exist felt game changing and altered The Flash’s world forever.

Now the story itself wasn’t one of my favourite during Williamson’s run, but the introduction of the new forces felt huge and is what got it onto my list.

3. Year One’s revamp of Barry’s Early Days

A story mostly out of the current DC continuity, The Flash Year One takes us all the way back to Barry Allen’s first days as The Flash and his first encounter with the Turtle.

An interesting take on how Barry eventually became the hero we know and love, the story was an excellent reboot of The Flash’s early days and I loved it.

We’ve even got to see Barry’s first experience time travelling and his meeting with the older, more seasoned version of himself felt pivotal and is likely what helped him become the hero he did. The Turtle has never been one of my favourite Flash villains, but this book helped me see him in a new light so that’s always a bonus!

2. Barry and Wally Face Off in Flash War

There haven’t been many comic book stories that I’ve been as excited heading into than I was about Flash War.

The prospect of seeing Barry and Wally face off promised one hell of a ride and we weren’t left disappointed. Zoom’s inclusion was great as well, manipulating Wally into fighting Barry.

What makes this story so tragic, was that it concluded with Wally heading to the Sanctuary, where Heroes in Crisis played out and we all know what happened there. I also love the revelation that Wally is the fastest speedster in the world, it felt true to the legacy of a character that’s been disrespected by DC for far too long. It’s a shame it went downhill from there.

1. The Perfect Start with the Creation of Godspeed

Man, did Joshua Williamson really hit the ground running with his Flash run. His very first story, Lightning Strikes Twice is easily my favourite story throughout the run and it never got better than this.

The story itself had me hooked, with the shocking turn of events that lead to a huge number of Central City civilians becoming speedsters, the mystery of who Godspeed was and why he was killing the speedsters, and the eventual reveal that Godspeed was Barry’s close friend August Heart, all set the tone for what would become an incredible four-year run.

Just the creation of Godspeed alone was enough to put this number one for me. August’s transition from noble ally of Barry, to ruthless killer, before eventually becoming The Flash’s ally once again before he was ultimately killed by Reverse-Flash is one hell of a character arc in my opinion and the finest thing to come out of Williamson’s run is the creation of this incredible character.

I just hope we get to see him return at some point in the future.

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  1. I’d agree with all of it except the new forces. To me it felt like a contrived grab for something new, and taking a good idea (the speed force) and twisting it too far, like DC did with the other lantern corps. Those might have worked if they were kept small.

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