Ray Fisher in Talks to Reprise Cyborg Role in Upcoming Flash Movie

Justice League actor Ray Fisher is reportedly in talks to reprise his role as Cyborg in the upcoming Flash movie.

Fisher, who first portrayed Victor Stone in Batman vs. Superman, is the latest DC star reportedly set to return for the film, with Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton already said to have agreed terms to reprise their roles as Batman for the movie.

The news was first reported by Hollywood Reporter and comes as a surprise to many as Fisher’s future with DC was unclear following his public outing of Joss Whedon’s behaviour on the Justice League set.

The actor publicly outed Whedon and his abusive treatment on set, before also noting Jon Berg and Geoff John’s involvement in allowing Whedon to treat the team as poorly as he did.

Warner Bros. are currently investigating Fisher’s claims, but it seemingly hasn’t effected his future with the company and he’s potentially set to return in Ezra Miller’s solo Flash movie.

The role would reportedly only be in a cameo capacity, but with the movie set to be an adaptation of popular Flash story Flashpoint, we may see Cyborg feature prominently as he does so in the source material.

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