Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Joins Season Three of The Boys

Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles has signed a deal to join Amazon Prime’s popular TV show The Boys, for its third season.

Ackles will portray Soldier Boy, the very first superhero within the show’s universe. Soldier Boy became a celebrity following his escapades during world war two. Ackles himself broke the news on his Instagram feed before Amazon Prime confirmed it themselves with a full press announcement.

The Boys has proven to be an incredibly popular addition to the streaming service, with many eagerly anticipating the show’s second season, set to premiere in September.

This won’t be Ackles’ first venture into a comic book adaptation, with a star role in season four of the Superman prequel Smallville before his big break on Supernatural.

The actor also portrayed Jason Todd in the fantastic animated movie adaptation of the Under the Red Hood comic book.

With Supernatural’s 15-year run set to end following it’s current season, Ackles has wasted no time finding a new home and he will fit in perfectly within The Boys universe.

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3 thoughts on “Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Joins Season Three of The Boys

    1. Yeah it should be interesting!

      Yeah, he played Jason Teague in the show’s fourth season and was originally scheduled to stay on for longer, but left the role to star in Supernatural (great decision in hindsight). Yeah the inclusion of a Captain America style character, but in the gritty world that the show is set on offers a load of unique opportunities that I can’t wait to see!

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