DCeased: Dead Planet #2: Rating and Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

The second chapter in Tom Taylor’s latest DCeased tale dropped today and it continued to ramp things up as we see what’s happened to Earth, five years after the anti-life virus broke out.

Throughout the book we saw the emotional reunion between two of Batman’s Robins, Damian Wayne and Jason Todd. The moment where Todd admitted Bruce’s choice to give Damian the Batman cowl following his death was a good one, was a real feel good moment and one that felt true to the characters.

The intrigue surrounding a potential cure for the virus continues to build and is likely to play a huge part throughout the series.

There were a couple more tragic losses, but I won’t spoil them just yet. Taylor continues to give us the very best versions of these characters, before cruelly taking them away from us in some of the most gory ways imaginable. I love it.

The ending of the book teased a brand new villain, named ‘A Greater Evil’ and will likely up the anti from here on out.

I’m pumped to see how this goes and can’t wait to see how Taylor follows up on the anticipation built up this ‘Greater Evil’ and on the cure that’s potentially out there.

Star Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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