Suicide Squad: Review and Rating as Deadshot Looks to Leave the Squad for Good

Writer: Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor is a genius. There, I got it out of the way. It’s fast becoming common knowledge that this man just gets his characters. He continues to portray each and everyone of the characters he writes in the absolute perfect tone and never fails to represent them in their utmost accurate way.

This issue focused on Deadshot’s return home, to his family, and his decision to leave the Suicide Squad behind and instead maintain a life raising his daughter.

The reunion between Floyd Lawton and his daughter Zoey was an emotional one and was incredibly well done. One of Deadshot’s most relatable qualities is the love he holds for his baby girl. Despite being an assassin, Lawton’s got such a soft spot for his daughter and it’s something that has helped the character maintain a place in the hearts of many comic books fans. We relate to him.

The revelation that Ted Kord and the government were unwilling to let Deadshot retire wasn’t a surprising one, but it felt emotional nonetheless. There’s something impactful about the way he’s continuously forced into the life he wants no part of, despite the fact he’s so good at what he does.

It felt like the book was gearing towards death and I’ll admit, for a moment there I really thought Deadshot or his daughter Zoey was going to bite the bullet. So I was relieved when the rest of the Suicide Squad, now known as the Revolutionaries, arrived to save the day.

With Deadshot resigned to the fact he couldn’t leave his life in the Squad behind just yet, the book’s conclusion, setting up the group’s upcoming face off with Ted Kord was an exciting one and has left me desperately waiting for the next issue.

Bravo Tom Taylor, you’ve done it again.

Star Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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