Jeffrey Dean Morgan Would Love to Appear in Upcoming Flashpoint Movie

Batman vs. Superman actor Jefferey Dean Morgan has revealed he’d be willing to reprise his role as Thomas Wayne in Flashpoint, but isn’t sure whether he’ll get the chance.

JDM appeared in flashback scenes during Batman vs. Superman and many had speculated whether the actor would return in a Flashpoint movie, with Thomas Wayne taking the mantle of Batman within the Flashpoint movie.

Recent news revealing Michael Keaton had agreed to reprise his role as Batman in the movie led to questions being asked about JDM’s future in the role, and the actor has admitted he’s unsure whether he’ll return.

Speaking to, The Walking Dead star said: “Look, I don’t know, I mean if there’s a chance that would ask me, I’d say yes. I think the Flashpoint story is, it’s my favorite story. I would love to do it. But, you know, DC is DC and they’re, you know, it’s a constant… it seems like they’re always kinda switching up who’s running it and what they’re gonna do. So hopefully, what I’d like to see is a little continuity with DC, have them get on the track, and then, man I’d be honored and love to do it more than anything.”

Morgan, who stars as Negan in The Walking Dead, is happy for Keaton though and is excited to see him back in the Batman role.

“Michael Keaton swooped in and took my gig,” Morgan joked. “Naw, I think that’s super cool. Ever since Zack Snyder walked away, my whole kind of bit in that world has walked away with him. However, there’s always a chat going on. So, we’ll see!”

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