Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie Won’t Include Amazon/Atlantean War

With Ezra Miller’s Flash movie finally on its way after years of push backs and false dawns, comic book fans everywhere were thrilled at the announcement that the movie would take on one of Barry Allen’s most significant storylines, Flashpoint.

In a world drastically changed by The Flash’s decision to go back in time and save his mother from Eobard Thawne, a Flashpoint movie would prove to be the perfect catalyst to ignite the ongoing changes we’re going to see in the DCEU. With actor leaving roles and characters being recast, Flashpoint is the perfect ‘reset button’ for Warner Bros to trigger as they set about reshaping the universe.

Unfortunately for comic book fans however, the Flashpoint movie is set to differentiate from its source material. Michael Keaton’s return to the franchise as Batman won’t be as Thomas Wayne Batman and now it’s been revealed the famous Amazon/Atlantean war, spearheaded by Aquaman and Wonder Woman won’t be featured in the movie.

The war between the two nations is a fairly central plot within the Flashpoint story and one that is pivotal to The Flash’s journey, but Heroic Hollywood has exclusively reported the war will be left out of the movie.

On the one hand it does make sense, the studios probably want to descale the importance of the movie and would need Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa to sign on for the film, which could prove difficult.

That being said, the war between Themyscira and Atlantis is one of the biggest driving points throughout the book and it will be a shame not to see it play out in live action.

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5 thoughts on “Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie Won’t Include Amazon/Atlantean War

  1. Well, I’m bummed out all around now. I really wanted to see Keaton in the movie in some form.

    Flashpoint we pretty much already knew. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be continuing to beat the dead horse…

    As far as the Atlantis / Amazon war… I know it was a big part of the Flashpoint world, BUT it never really made sense to me. Two fairly wise characters who were far too easily manipulated to turn to war with each other. Aquaman has always had a bit of a blind spot for defending Atlantis, but Diana was fairly out of character even allowing for an alternate reality.

    Regardless, I suspect that the decision to leave it out has to do with both time constraints for the film AND that DC has taken alot of heat for going too dark and tarnishing the image of some heroes.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Flashpoint’. I think some of its implications were far reaching for the DCU with the creation of the New 52 and the loss of the sense of legacy. I think ‘Flashpoint’ showed how altering one event could affect the courses of the lives of heroes in a drastic way. I think ‘Doomsday Clock’ shows this very well, in Doctor Manhattan’s experiments on time.

    Time in the DCU works in very specific ways in the sense that things work forward and backwards and altering one event changes the direction of the timestream, creating alternate continuities. ‘Flashpoint’ inaugurated a less traditional form of story-telling for the DCU where the heroes would literally have to start from scratch and would abandon the sense of legacy and grandeur that was once their characteristic.

    There is a lot to be said about what ‘Flashpoint’ did. I would like to have this discussion with you.

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    1. I loved it! The entire storyline felt so fresh and gave us such an interesting insight to a DC universe entirely moulded by The Flash. I loved all the unique spins we got on classic characters and thought the book did an excellent job highlighting how powerful Barry Allen actually is!


      1. I felt that the treatment of Superman was a bit wanting a sign of things to come for The New 52. I guess, it foreshadowed the fact that The New 52 was going to focus on Superman’s alien nature and the fact that he is the last of his race.

        I thought ‘Flashpoint’ could have done a better job at showing Superman’s true powers not just his alien nature. But I thought it was interesting. The death of Captain Marvel however was symbolic and at the same time gory.

        I think ‘Flashpoint’ showed the effects that altering time can have on the DC multiverse. I think there is a bit of fatalism on the matter. For more information on time travel in the DC multiverse, check out this post from BOOSTERRIFIC.com:


        So what do you think of Superman’s treatment in ‘Flashpoint’ and ‘The New 52, particularly, the emphasis on his alien nature?

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