DC Risk Watchmen Overexposure With New Rorschach Comic Book

Following the recent announcement of a brand new comic book starring Watchmen’s Rorschach, this will be the third DC project featuring the Watchmen universe in the last couple of years.

Before 2017, Alan Moore’s original Watchmen was largely left to its own devices. The book – regarded as one of the greatest graphic novels of all time – was released in 1986 and had remained a separate entity to the rest of the DC universe until Doomsday Clock saw the two worlds collide in 2017.

Following Doomsday Clock, DC have gone back to the Watchmen universe a number of times and are beginning to use them more and more. Doomsday Clock saw Doctor Manhattan and Superman collide, we got a brand new TV series set after the events of the original Watchmen story and we even saw Wally West take over the Doctor Manhattan mantle. Now we’re going to get a new series set 35 years after Alan Moore’s graphic novel and will feature 12 issues, written by Tom King.

While I’ve enjoyed each of these new Watchmen ventures, especially the Before Watchmen series we got back in 2012, DC risk potentially overexposing the Watchmen universe and destroying the aura surrounding it.

Moore’s book was supposed to be a standalone series and benefited from it’s place in history, but the decision to continuously return to the universe all these years later and push these once legendary characters to the forefront of a number of DC projects has started to make figures such as Doctor Manhattan, Ozymandias and Rorschach feel like regular heroes and not like the unique and mysterious figures they once were.

Yeah I’ll be sure to check out Tom King’s new series and have faith he’ll do an excellent job, it will continue to ruin the significant aura Moore built with the original graphic novel.

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5 thoughts on “DC Risk Watchmen Overexposure With New Rorschach Comic Book

  1. Sadly, this is something DC is known for. Look at what they did with the Lantern Corps around the time of Brightest Day and Blackest Night. Flashpoint is getting beat to death too. I wouldn’t be surprised if Geoff Johns is behind this idea also.

    Kind of a bummer. I love the guy’s story initial ideas, but he always takes everything and runs it beyond into the ground.

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    1. Yeah I agree! The same thing happened with Flashpoint Batman, he was a great addition to the Flashpoint story but should have been left there. Bringing him into Batman’s main book last year did serious damage to that character!

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      1. Yep.

        That remark from the DC employee about everybody being angry and needing to do something with that anger also goes to prove two theories of mine:

        1) DC is getting desperate at feeling left behind by the MCU. The simple fix there is to just go back to telling quality original stories instead of desperately clinging to old ones.

        2) DC has been more SJW focused than Marvel (esp the last 15 or so years). When you cling that tightly to ideals so that everything you see is bad, it poisons you emotionally and intellectually. You have to see the good in the world also, and acknowledge progress made while still moving forward.

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  2. Hey! I do agree with the readers. I have never read ‘Watchmen’ but I did read the first two issues of ‘Doomsday Clock.’ I am thinking of continuing the storyline.

    I would love to have your opinion on the finale showdown between Superman and Dr Manhattan in ‘Doomsday Clock.’

    Great post!

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    1. Hey! I highly reccomend reading Watchmen, it’s one of the absolute greatest graphic novels of all time! You should definitely continue reading Doomsday Clock as well and while I won’t spoil the ending of the book, I will say it was pretty awesome seeing Doctor Manhattan and Superman come face to face for the first time!


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