A Live-Action Zatanna Movie Reportedly in the Works

Warner Bros. are reportedly working on a new live-action movie starring DC Comics character Zatanna.

The report comes from Jeremy Conrad of DCEU Mythic, but there’s little in the way of actual details.

A Zatanna movie has been speculated for a while now and is one fans would love to see. The character’s recent comic book history has featured a rocky relationship with fellow Justice League Dark member John Constantine, but it’s unclear whether Constantine would feature in the movie himself.

Zatanna’s only live-action outing so far came in Smallville, when she was a recurring character throughout the show’s final three seasons.

Recent rumours had even suggested Zatanna was set to appear in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, but the director quickly denied such a thing.

A movie focusing on Zatanna and the magical side of the DC universe is one that would bring an entirely new set of eyes to the DCEU and would work in the company’s favor.

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One thought on “A Live-Action Zatanna Movie Reportedly in the Works

  1. Interesting. 🙂

    I hope Constantine is left out of the movie, but only so he doesn’t end up stealing the spotlight from Zatanna.

    She was an… interesting character in Smallville. A bit of a pain at times, LOL. The gal that played her was spot on with facial appearance also. Didn’t quite have the chest though, LOL.

    Heaven help them if they ever have to find a live action Power Girl…

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