Michael Keaton in Talks to Reprise Batman Role for Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie

Michael Keaton is currently in talks to reprise his role as Batman in the upcoming Ezra Miller The Flash movie.

Keaton, who played the role in Tim Burton’s Batman and its sequel is said to be negotiating a return in the role as a mentor type figure.

The report comes from Hollywood Reporter and claims the deal would have Keaton appear in numerous future DC movies.

Recent rumours have suggested The Flash movie will revolve around Flashpoint, so Keaton’s Batman could very well be Thomas Wayne’s Flashpoint Batman, but with Jeffrey Dean Morgan previously cast as Thomas Wayne, it’s been heavily speculated he would return for the role.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is rumoured to portray Thomas Wayne’s Flashpoint Batman

Keaton could be used to replace Ben Affleck as Batman which makes a bit of sense as Affleck’s Batman is supposed to be a much older interpretation of the Dark Knight and – with Keaton originally playing Bruce Wayne over thirty years ago – the Beetlejuice actor would fit the bill as an older Bruce Wayne perfectly.

We’ve seen Keaton’s Batman as a young upstart so seeing him become the older, more battle worn Caped Crusader would add a lot of weight and depth to the role.

Only time will tell on how this will all play out, but I for one am excited at the prospect of seeing Keaton step into the Batman cowl once again.

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