Man of Steel Star Michael Shannon Gives His Opinion on Snydercut

Man of Steel star Michael Shannon has revealed how happy he is for director Zack Snyder and the release of his Justice League movie.

Shannon – who worked with Snyder on Man of Steel back in 2013 – appeared on the LightCast pod and spoke openly about how happy he was for Snyder.

“I’ll tell you what I know, my friend Zack Snyder, he had a rough go of it. Between the struggles with his family and what he went through with Warner Bros.”

Zack is a sweet, kind, gentle, hardworking conscientious human being. I hope that this release gives him some sort of satisfaction or vindication or whatever. Because he’s such a good person, he deserves better than what he’s been dealing with.”

Shannon played Superman villain General Zod in Man of Steel and stood by Snyder’s decision to have Superman kill his enemy in an interview with CinemaBlend.

“No, I didn’t think there was any other way to end, it, really,”

I mean, Zod says it’s either me or you. I’m not gonna let you survive. I will kill you, unless you kill me. And that seemed sufficiently Greek to me, you know?”

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6 thoughts on “Man of Steel Star Michael Shannon Gives His Opinion on Snydercut

  1. That ending is a textbook example of what I mean about Snyder being too dark for me. IF you ignore what Superman is and is supposed to represent, it’s a good story. Overall, it still was. Zodd’s character really crossed the line to nihilist though. How does one terraform a planet they’ve completely ripped apart?

    More importantly, Superman for 80 years had been the guy who always finds the high ground and does the right thing. In the case of Zodd, that’s what the Phantom Zone projector was for. It would have allowed for sequel appearances too, LOL.

    To me, it’s all part of a larger pattern of heroes (comic book and otherwise) systematically being torn down.

    My usual complaints aside, I’m still curious to see if Snyder did a better job with storytelling. 🙂

    1. Yeah I’m with you on that! I liked Man of Steel, but agree that Superman definitely shouldn’t have killed Zod. It goes against what he stands for completely, but we saw Snyder had Batman kill as well so I don’t think he was all too bothered about making his characters comic book accurate

      1. Batman, I will give Snyder, is more of a grey area. Batman’s code is famous, but he’s infamous for breaking it as well. Sometimes there’s the attempt to rationalize it as well. The time he welded KGBeast into that room underground and left him to die being a really good example. A clean kill would have been infinitely more merciful than that slow death, BUT Batman didn’t kill him directly.

      2. Yeah I get you, that was pretty savage. And he definitely let the Joker fall to his ‘death’ in Death of the Family, I really liked Ben Affleck’s Batman tbh

      3. Agreed. Despite my joke in the comments of your previous post, Affleck did a great job with the role. I may disagree with parts of how the character was written, BUT he did a great job. Reminds me of the fan reaction when it was announced Michael Keaton was going to be Batman. Everybody groaned and made Mister Mom snarky remarks. At the San Fran comic con though, the team explained they wanted somebody who could nail both Wayne and Batman as characters. Keaton did just that, even if HIS Bruce Wayne was written a little weird also. 😀

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