Remembering Denny O’Neil, a Revolutionary

Today we were hit with the devastating news that legendary comic book writer, Denny O’Neil had died.

O’Neil was a writer way ahead of his time and his work for DC helped pave the way for several decades of success.

Having taken on the role of Batman writer, O’Neil’s run with the character saw Batman shed the campy stench left by the Adam West TV show and become the Dark Knight we all know and love.

Without O’Neil we wouldn’t have R’as al Ghul, – as the Demon’s Head was his original creation – Jason Todd wouldn’t have been killed by The Joker and – speaking of The Clown Prince of Crime – The Joker would still be seen as a goofy idiot.

It was O’Neil who transformed The Joker into the sinister monster he’s become, making him one of the most popular characters in comic book history.

It wasn’t just Batman that Denny revolutionized however, with his legendary Green Arrow and Green Lantern book tackling issues way ahead of their time.

O’Neil wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries with the book and he never shied away from tackling some of the world’s touchier subjects such as racism and drug addiction, with Green Arrow sidekick Speedy famously being outed as a Heroin addict.

Denny O’Neil was truly an all time great and his work for both DC and Marvel from the 60s to the 90s will never be forgotten. Rest in power, sir.

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