The Flash #755 Kills off Major Character

The latest issue in Joshua Williamson’s Flash run killed off a major character from Barry Allen’s world.

Following a team up between The a Flash, Reverse-Flash and Godspeed to take down Paradox, Eobard Thawne killed Godspeed by snapping his neck.

Thawne then promised to assemble his own ‘Reverse-Flash team’ to take on Barry and his friends.

It was at the beginning of Williamson’s Flash run that Godspeed was introduced so it’s not entirely surprising to see him killed off towards the writer’s final issues, but it’s a damn shame anyway as Godspeed was one of the best newcomers in recent years.

Here’s to hoping August Heart manages to find his way back somehow!

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2 thoughts on “The Flash #755 Kills off Major Character

  1. He’ll be back, sooner or later. At the least before DC loses the copyright on him, LOL.

    The only person that stays dead on comics (for some strange reason) is the original Kree Captain Marvel. Even Gwen Stacy came back.

    DC made it ridiculously easy with speedsters too; they just run back out of the speed force.

    Godspeed was a nice switch up though. Most of the other speedster villains are just (pale) copies of Thawn personality wise.

    1. Yeah I get you! Godspeed was a breath of fresh air and a welcome addition to Central City so I’m hoping he’s back soon! But yeah you’re right, the original Captain Marvel has all but been forgotten now which is sad.

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