Former DC Publisher Dan Didio Denies 5G Rumor

One of the biggest announcements in the comic world last year was the reveal that DC were heading towards another reboot. Coined the ‘5G Initiative’ the event would see all of DC’s marquee characters aged up and replaced by younger counterparts, with Jonathan Kent as Superman and Luke Fox as Batman just to name a couple.

Following DC publisher Dan Didio’s exit, many weren’t sure whether the company would still move forward with the event and during a rare Youtube interview Didio himself admitted he wasn’t sure whether it will still happen.

“It was a concept, an idea, a pitch that either will or won’t reach fruition – beats me,” DiDio explained. “It’s something I was pushing forward.”

After being asked if the concept is meant to be similar to Marvel’s “Marvel NOW!” initiative, in which some iconic roles were replaced by legacy characters, he revealed, “I’ll tell you right now, it wasn’t that. It wasn’t even close to that. The only thing I’ll say is, it was a long-term plan featuring a lot of the key, recognizable characters, and a long-term evolution over years that had been thought out.”

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One thought on “Former DC Publisher Dan Didio Denies 5G Rumor

  1. You’ve got alot of great sources. The other comics blog I follow doesn’t do half as good a job with comics news. 🙂

    We briefly talked about this in the comments section of your January 5G Initiative post. I hope this idea dies on the vine. There have been too many reboots at DC and Marvel, too many character swaps and new versions…

    Both companies don’t get that a reboot will not help generate sales and draw in new fans when you’re giving them a BAD story. Each reboot since New 52, all DC has done is retell the origin story YET AGAIN, and then unleash a series of ridiculously overpowered threats to existence that the heroes stop, until readers completely lose interest, the writers are out of ideas, AND there’s another reboot.

    I’ve heard nearly every reboot justified as “we need to introduce new readers to these characters” too. Really? Is there ANYONE out there who does NOT know Bruce Wayne is “the goddamned Batman” (lol)? DC has tried that before multiple times too… Everybody from Commissioner Gordon to Azriel has been Batman, not to mention all the Robins and other Bat family members that keep popping up. If anyone can be the Batman, there’s nothing special about him. Anyone can be him, anyone can beat him.

    Luke Fox could be an amazing addition as a character, BUT let him stand on his own merits. Develop him as his own person. Marvel made the same mistake here giving the role of Captain America to the Falcon. Falcon was a very poorly developed character in the books. The films show clearly that with a good writer, the Falcon can be every bit as exciting a character as Steve Rogers without needing to give him another character’s identity. Same with Black Panther. Mediocre development as a comic character. Movie character with good writer; suddenly he’s MLK meets Captain America. Luke Fox could be a great way for DC to add some diversity to the Bat Family, but they need to follow the examples above to make it work.

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