Batwoman Eyeing Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan as Ruby Rose Replacement

The search for Batwoman’s new leading lady began last week as Ruby Rose announced her decision to leave the show after its first season.

While several actresses have voiced their interest in the role – with WWE superstar Sonya Deville even putting herself forward for the role – it seems Batwoman have found the woman they want in the role. According to The Cinema Spot, Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan is the front runner for the job.

Morgan has played Toni Topaz on Riverdale since 2017 and was recently in the spotlight after voicing her frustration at Riverdale’s treatment of their black characters.

Rose’s Kate Kane is set to be retired with a brand new character taking on the role of Batwoman. If Morgan does take the role, she’ll be portraying ‘Ryan Wilder’ an out lesbian, who’s goofy and the complete opposite of Rose’s Kane.

There’s no word as of yet whether this would effect Morgan’s role on Riverdale or whether the 28-year old actress would work both shows.

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2 thoughts on “Batwoman Eyeing Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan as Ruby Rose Replacement

  1. I’ve never watched Riverdale, so I can’t comment on her acting ability at all. I’d think that the producers would be better off casting somebody who is comfortable with fight scenes and physical acting. Granted with the suit and wig, it’d be easy to have stunt double stand in for those scenes, but a fight out of costume is a different matter.

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