The Flash Showrunner and Series Star Grant Gustin Release Statements on Hartley Sawyer Firing

Following the recent announcement that Hartley Sawyer had been axed from The Flash, the show’s showrunner, Eric Wallace, released a statement on Twitter.

“This morning, many of you learned that Hartley Sawyer will not be returning for Season Seven of The Flash,” Wallace wrote. “Concerning his social media tweets, they broke my heart and made me mad as hell. And they’re indicative of the larger problem in our country. Because at present, our country still accepts and protects the continual harassment — unconscious or otherwise — terrorizing and brutalizing of Black and Brown people, which is far too often fatal. That’s why our country is standing up once again and shouting, ‘ENOUGH!’ and taking to the streets to bring about active change.”

Sawyer was fired after previous racist and sexist tweets from his past recently resurfaced.

“I, too, am committed to bringing permanent change to the work environment here on The Flash. Yes, this is a family show. But it’s for all families. That includes Black and Brown ones,” he continued. “In order to facilitate this, I will continue to find Black and Brown writers, directors, actors and producers of all genders to help tell Flash stories. Their stories are part of the American narrative, too, and must be heard. And the more you hear and see us, the more you will begin to recognize one simple fact: We’re human beings too.”

Series star Grant Gustin – who plays title character Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash – shared Wallace’s statement on his Instagram in a show of support, adding:

“I don’t have much to add because Eric’s thoughts are stated so eloquently and powerfully.
I will say I was shocked, saddened and angry when I saw the tweets. Words matter.”

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