Report: Cyborg Joins Flashpoint Movie

The upcoming Flash movie has been shrouded in mystery for as long as it’s been in the works it seems. With directors jumping on and off the project, it was unclear whether the film would ever actually arrive.

Rumors circulated that the movie would focus on one of The Flash’s most important stories, Flashpoint and that Reverse-Flash would be gender swapped.

Recently however, the latest reports suggest we’ve finally learned something concrete about Barry Allen’s solo movie and that is that Victor Stone’s Cyborg will appear in the movie.

The reports first surfaced on journalist DanielRPK‘s Patreon, where Daniel announced:

“There are plans to put Cyborg in the Flashpoint movie.”

Not only does this seem to confirm Victor’s involvement – which had been rumored following Ezra Miller’s Flash cameo in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths where Bary mentioned Cyborg by name – but it also seems to confirm long standing rumors that the upcoming movie would focus on Flashpoint.

Many see Flashpoint as DCEU’s answer to rewrite their shared universe with many actors leaving their roles behind.

While it’s currently unclear whether Ray Fisher will reprise his role as Cyborg, there’s certainly optimism that he’ll return.

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One thought on “Report: Cyborg Joins Flashpoint Movie

  1. I hope they do something productive with it IF they’re going to recycle Flashpoint yet again. The DCEU could use a reboot, but as I said in a previous comment, only if the movie people and DC learn from their mistakes. How many times has the DC Universe been rebooted since the New 52? And they’re STILL doubling down on their mistakes.

    Even though the Arrowverse has some issues also, I enjoy it more than the comics anymore. It’s a shame too because the DC Universe has some amazing characters with DEEP potential.

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