Batman/Superman #9 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Clayton Henry

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After a three month break, Batman/Superman returned with its ninth issue and kick started a brand new story arc. There’s going to be spoilers below so if you haven’t read the book already and don’t want it spoiled then here’s a SPOILER ALERT!

Moving on from the battle between R’as Al Ghul and General Zod, we started this issue in Gotham and quickly saw that Atomic Man had recently been held prisoner by an unknown villain, before escaping and coming across Batman in Gotham.

While Batman originally thought Atomic Man was up to no good, the recently reformed villain was looking for the Dark Knight’s help, claiming whoever had capture him had done something to his body.

Before Batman could find out who’d done this to Atomic Man however, the latter literally exploded, taking most of the nearby streets with him and reducing this section of Gotham to nothing but rubble.

There was a cool section in Batman’s meeting with Atomic Man where Bats deduced he was telling the truth by working out the police officers who’d come for the once known Albert Michaels weren’t really officers. Bruce realized they weren’t really police officers after seeing their uniforms weren’t the up to date ones he’d given to GCPD after Bane took over Gotham. I love the little tidbits like this we see where we get to appreciate just how much attention to detail Batman notices. It’s what makes him the world’s greatest detective after all.

After Atomic Man explodes, we see Superman in Paris with Lois and he quickly heads to Gotham after hearing what’s gone on and he eventually helps Batman out from under the rubble. The two then start to discuss what Atomic Man said and realize there’s someone out there plotting against them.

At the end of the issue it’s revealed that long time Superman villain Ultra Humanite is behind Atomic Man’s capture and he’s currently plotting against Bruce and Clark by making an army of Atomic men, setting up for a future show down that’s sure to be EXPLOSIVE.

I really liked this issue and while it was mainly used to lay the ground work for the future issues, I loved it and I enjoyed the focus on Atomic Man who is criminally underrated.

The art was absolutely gorgeous as well and I really really loved it. Williamson is doing a great job on Batman/Superman and the series has only gotten better since we’ve moved on from the Batman Who Laughs story arc.

I’m excited to see where we go from here and definitely think this book is worth checking out.

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