Suicide Squad Director Blames Batman v Superman and Deadpool for Changing His Film

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has taken to Twitter to blame Batman v Superman and Deadpool for changing his film.

The director has come under a huge amount of criticism since the movie was released in 2016, but he recently tweeted out – pointing his film’s failures at the two previous superhero movies.

Ayer has mentioned many times before how the released version of Suicide Squad wasn’t the movie he’d intended to make, and it appears he’s blaming Batman v Superman and Deadpool for the changes made to it.

“This trailer nailed the tone and intention of the film I made. Methodical. Layered. Complex, beautiful and sad. After the BVS reviews shell shocked the leadership at the time, and the success of Deadpool – My soulful drama was beaten into a ‘comedy’”

It’s easy to see where the director is coming from. When Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman hit cinemas it was widely critiscised for the dark tone the movie took, while Fox’s Deadpool garnered huge praise for it’s comedy. It’s easy to see why Warner Bros panicked and took Ayer’s movie and changed it into something they felt the audience would prefer.

It didn’t work out that way though and audiences and critics alike hated what Suicide Squad became.

With Snyder’s own version of the 2017 Justice League, the ‘Snydercut’ being released in 2021 after fan protests, hopefully Ayer will get the chance to show his version of a movie he was proud of someday.

I hope so anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Director Blames Batman v Superman and Deadpool for Changing His Film

  1. Suicide Squad wasn’t the best superhero movie for sure, but I didn’t think it was as bad as many people seem to.

    The true problem lies not with the other movies, but with Hollywood people NOT understanding the characters they’re screwing with. This has been a problem for ages. Some of the 80s superhero movies were so bad even MST3K would be afraid to touch them.

    The hollyweird folks didn’t get that Deadpool has always been a clown. THAT is why his movie was a success. I don’t think he’d sell in a serious action movie, LOL. Likewise they didn’t get that Superman and Bats v Sups were ripped due to Snyder’s incessant desire to make everything as dark as possible. Superman and Captain America are cultural icons with a LONG LONG history of strong ethics and representing the best of humanity. Realistic or not, they always have stood for finding a better way. Taking either of them dark is naturally going to alienate fans. Even Batman is brooding, and wary enough to have contingencies even for allies, but he’s NOT a paranoid psycho-killer. Serious long term fans saw it all as character assassination.

    Suicide Squad… It would be interesting to see what it could have been. Viola Davis did a SPOT ON Amanda Waller though.

    Long story short though, I think that’s been why the MCU has done better in ticket sales. They have people that understand the characters (mostly) working on the projects. When the DCEU gets it right, as they did with Wonder Woman, they do great in sales.

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