DC’s Kite Man Set to Appear in DCeased: Hope at World’s End

With the number of heroes and villains to appear – and for the most part perish – in Tom Taylor’s DCeased universe growing by the issue, fans have been speculating on who else could show up in the Australian’s zombiefied DC universe.

Well, Taylor took to Twitter and revealed that one of Batman’s most lovable villains, Kite Man, would be appearing in the latest of his DCeased books.

After a fan questioned Taylor on whether Kite Man would appear or not, Taylor replied, “I’ll let Kite Man answer that one.” Going on to post a Gif of Kite Man from the ongoing Harley Quinn animated series yelling, “Hell yeah!” sealing the deal.

DCeased: Hope at World’s End debuted as a digital first series last week with issue one focusing primarily on Jimmy Olsen and the photographer’s actions during the events of the first DCeased series.

The series is sure to introduce numerous other familiar faces from throughout the DC universe and with most inevitably heading to their violent deaths, the fate of Kite Man isn’t looking promising.

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