The Flash #754 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Penciller: Rafa Sandoval

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After a three week wait, we got our second issue of The Flash since March and it didn’t disappoint.

Despite the long lay off between issues 752 and 753, the book has picked up where it left off and the ongoing Paradox storyline has gotten more intriguing throughout the break.

After it was recently revealed that The Flash’s greatest adversary, Eobard Thawne A.K.A the Reverse-Flash was the one to defeat Paradox in the past, this issue explored the dynamic relationship between Barry Allen and the man who killed his mother and showed what lengths our hero was willing to go to to stop Paradox.

If you haven’t read the issue yet, be warned there will be spoilers below so this is your SPOILER WARNING!! Right, now that’s out of the way let’s crack on.

My first thoughts about the issue was how much I enjoyed the interesting relationship The Flash and the Reverse-Flash shared, the two have been mortal enemies for the longest time so I felt it was a fresh change of pace to see them forced to work together as they aimed to bring down Barry’s latest enemy Paradox.

Joshua Williamson has done a great job in building up Paradox as quite a formidable threat to The Flash and to the DC universe as a whole and the way he has beaten down Godspeed and forced him into helping him just goes to show how dangerous he is.

I loved seeing Paradox go through The Flash’s history and the way we got to see him destroying the Scarlet Speedster at numerous key moments in his life – such as during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

I wasn’t all that surprised to see The Flash and Reverse-Flash’s relationship breakdown before the issue even ended, but with the two clashing over The Flash’s refusal to kill Paradox’s former self, it felt true to Barry’s character and made the moment genuine.

One moment that caught me off guard – and was likely a mistake made when making the book – is one page where it shows The Flash and Reverse-Flash arguing during their fight and it seems that they’ve got the speech bubbles the wrong way round with Barry’s speech coming from Eobard’s mouth and vice versa.

Other than that I enjoyed the book, loved the art and love what Joshua Williamson continues to do with The Flash and I for one will be sad to see Williamson leave The Flash after his 101st issue as he recently announced he would.

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