Ray Porter Confirms Darkseid Role in Upcoming Snydercut

One of the most exciting aspects of Zack Snyder’s Justice League heading to HBO Max in 2021 – righting a lot of the wrongs from the 2017 cinematic release – is the prospect of seeing Darkseid make his feature film debut.

Long regarded as one of the DC’s biggest and most threatening villains, Darkseid has single-handedly taken on the Justice League in the past, but despite his reputation as one of the best baddies DC has to offer, we’ve only ever seen Darkseid in live action once.

A key feature in the final season of Smallville, the show’s Darkseid was more of a spirit than an all out being and left a lot of fans a little disappointed. Finally, it looks like we are going to get to experience Darkseid’s aura the right way and actor Ray Porter has recently revealed he is the man bringing Darkseid to life.

Porter revealed the secret on Twitter – and despite it being heavily rumoured for years now that he was cast in the role – this is the first time the American actor has confirmed it.

Porter went on to say it was a ‘relief’ to finally announce publicly his role in the movie, almost three years after he took the role.

It’s nice knowing that after all this time, Porter’s work as Darkseid will finally be seen by the audience and the actor will get the recognition he deserves.

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